Most of us want just to get the job done properly, quickly and without much hassle. When things are going according to plan all is well, but if something heads to the wrong direction, there are only few things we can rely on – the papers we bothered filling in before starting and luck. However, as tiresome as it sometimes is to fill out, paperwork and proper licensing is important for protecting you, your contractor, and the general public. Therefore, when looking for a handyman company or contractor, choose an individual or company ( that provides as much coverage as possible and has all the proper credentials.

Workers Compensation Board

Each province administers its own Workers Compensation Board (WCB), a governing body that takes responsibility for all work-related injuries employees may suffer on the job. Employers provide and invest in insurance coverage from the board, while the board uses that money to pay out compensation claims to injured workers. When selecting a company or a handyman for your home or business always choose the one which has coverage through WCB. This both supports companies that care about their employees’, but also exempts you from any liability should a worker gets injured while working on your property.

General Liability Insurance

A good contractor will carry general liability insurance in addition to WCB coverage. WCB only applies to workers, not the general public. Should a member of the public get injured or have their property damaged because of something related to your project you may stay assured that you will be covered.

A Business License

The purpose of business licenses is to prove that an individual or company is authorized to operate their business and that they have met the minimum requirements and standards needed to safely do their work. A business license also proves that the individual or company has demonstrated proof of their expertise in their area of specialization and verifies that they have all the necessary credentials.

Articles of Incorporation

Incorporated businesses have legal recognition and stand out easily from the crowd. They are more likely to be run by qualified professionals and offer warranties on their work.

A GST Account

Most people have at least a basic understanding of what GST stands for. It is a consumption tax that is levied against certain products and services, including property maintenance and repair, so if you hire a contractor that is required to contribute to the GST but does not both you and the contractor could end up in legal trouble.

Paperwork exists for a reason and it is there to shield property owners from liability, ensure the company or individual you hire has implemented high safety standards and that everyone involved gives back their fair share to the community. Just be sure that you realize that it is important to know what renovations you shouldn’t tackle on your own.