From time to time we all face the same question – whether our apartment should be a visual representation of our character and own ideas, or a professional creation from a local handyman

The good thing, your living space always has something that can be adjusted and emphasized. Now, first things first.


The best way to show off your inner personality through your living place are colors. Be creative, be free, paint the walls, paint the windows, some frames, the doors, paint the floor– whatever strikes your fancy that won’t get you thrown out. Such a handy fix can have your apartment gleaming with endless color possibilities, however, be ready to master the brush. Or, you can always host a working party by ordering a pizza or two, gather some friends and go for it.


Yes, we all agree. Furniture does not come cheap. Yet, it can be recycled. People always crave for new things, giving us no shortage of old pieces to choose from to furnish our humble apartments. Do not be shy, check what your grandparents keep in their basement and put in some time in searching for items that fit your taste and personality. You can also always check online for solid pieces that’s usually better than what they’re selling in stores.


The truth is hardware is usually overlooked as a way to make your mark on an apartment and move in anew with a clean, updated feel to your place as a courtesy of your own creative ambition. What to do first? Well, you can easily swap out the white plastic bathroom accessories for stainless steel options or revamp kitchen cabinets with some type of fresh paint, add new hinges and handles and get creative with doorknobs and all the other furniture items around.


Adding accessories are the fastest and most adaptable way to change the entire feeling of a place. Versatile ideas for area rugs add color, pattern, warmth, and can define a particular area. Curtains soften a wall and make a place feel cozier while lamps provide swift ambiance change over while doing an amazing job as an attractive ornament even when not in use. Of course, mirrors, art, personal photos, shrubs, sporting gear are also a lot of fun to play with.

Use your imagination

Probably the coolest thing about temporary living is that each place-turned-home has its own character and peculiarities. Embrace its awkwardness and highlight the weird angles instead of hiding them. There are endless possibilities of what you can do. Check out this article about different ideas for a bedroom makeover.